home_eventsThe Paul McCowan Airshow is described as skydiving that’s exciting, entertaining, and explosive.

The Renewal by Andersen Skydivers join the Michigan Challenge for many spectacular jumps throughout the weekend performing precision skydiving maneuvers including skydiving with what the team calls, the Flag.

This special flag is 5,000 square feet, larger that an NBA basketball court and weighs more that 140 pounds.

Since jumps are scheduled at 5 p.m. each day, the skydivers have become the opening act for the evening mass balloon launches.

“All eyes look up, waiting to catch a glimpse of the skydivers as they descend from the sky and gracefully land on the launch field,” said Michelle Tokan, Michigan Challenge director.

Other memorable jumps are scheduled throughout the weekend including the spectacular Skydiving Night Show on Saturday evening during the Balloon Glow.

During the night show, the team exits their aircraft a mile above the earth, each with custom-designed special effects pyrotechnics strapped to their bodies. A brilliant white light and a trail of sparks 1,000 feet long mark the trail of the team traveling earthward at over 100 miles per hour. The trail of sparks can be seen up to 20 miles away.

After the parachutes are safely open and the ignition systems are armed, the fireworks display begins. Multiple system control modules electronically launch rockets, blazing comets, Roman candles and shooting stars across the night sky. Brilliant strobes illuminate the canopies as the jumpers execute their final approach for landing.

During their day shows, the skydiving team performs thrilling aerial maneuvers. Colorful trails of smoke enhance the freefall of the team.

And when they’re not jumping, the team members love to meet spectators, especially children. “We always encourage people to come up and say hi,” said McCowan.